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Maxta Hyperconvergence Software

Storage provisioning, performance, and apacity planning are a constant struggle for IT managers who have virtualized many of their applications but still use traditional storage arrays. IT teams want to eliminate storage management and focus on the virtual machines (VMs), but this isn’t possible with traditional storage arrays.

Appliance-based hyperconvergence solutions solve the management and complexity challenges of traditional storage, but are just as expensive. Why? Because you have to repurchase the software license when you refresh the hardware, and the only way to add capacity is to add a node.

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software reduces capital and operating costs by up to 70% and frees IT from the refresh and upgrade cycles of traditional storage. It collapses servers, storage and networking into a single server tier and gives IT the freedom to choose both the hardware and hypervisor they use. Unlike hardware-based hyperconvergence, with Maxta there’s no vendor lock-in, no “refresh tax” and no “upgrade tax”.

With Maxta, you can deploy hyperconvergence your way and make infrastructure transparent to the applications and users.

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