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Software Only or Pre-Configured Servers.
Choose Different Hypervisors or Containers.
Optimized for Mixed Applications on the Same Cluster.
Scale Storage and Compute Independently.


Software Only or Pre-Configured Servers

Use existing servers, buy pre-configured servers, or a combination of both.


Choose Hypervisors or Containers

Choose Red Hat or VMware Virtualization in Addition to Containers.


Eliminate the Refresh Tax

Appliances have a hidden cost. Never repay for software when you refresh hardware.

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software

Maxta Hyperconvergence software gives IT the freedom to choose servers and hypervisors, scale storage independent of compute, and run mixed workloads on the same cluster.

  • Hardware and Virtualization Independent
  • Optimized for Mixed Workloads
  • No Refresh Tax. No Upgrade Tax

Features and Benefits

A platform agnostic architecture with application-centric management designed to optimize performance and capacity in the software-defined datacenter.

  • Optimized for Different Applications on Same Cluster.
  • Scale Compute and Storage Separately
  • Designed to protect against outages, data loss and performance degradation


Maxta’s peer-to-peer hyperconvergence architecture aggregates storage resources from multiple servers, incorporating a global namespace and creating a storage pool.

  • Clustering and Unified Namespace
  • Maxta Distributed File System
  • Data Integrity